How to Create a Blog- A Guide

This is a question asked frequently by newbie bloggers and we hope to be able to answer it to some extent in this post. Blogging is the best example of how far the internet revolution has impacted everyday life. As of July 2011, there were 164 million active blogs according to Infographic. 27% of these bloggers are full time and monetized while the rest were primarily social platforms.

If you’re looking for a creative way to share your opinion or publicize your services and products you need to understand how to create a blogging site or a blog. Not only is it a simple task but one that will cost virtually nothing.

Here are a few steps involved in creating a blogging site:
Buy a Domain Name
The success of any online business lies in the domain name you use. As such, use a reliable domain registrar and where possible, look up for more alternatives and variations to your first choice. The domain should be easy to spell and where possible, avoid numbers and hyphens as visitors will be put off. The domain name must also reflect your business name.blogging tips offers excellent info on this.

Your hosting company may offer a free domain name as part of the package. This may not always be a good way to go as the domain name does not necessarily belong to you. It is always better to buy a domain in your name and buy the hosting package afterward. While it’s usually easy to change web hosts, the host may not be cooperative if the domain is not in your own name.

Choose a Host
The next step in create a blogging site is signing up for a paid blog hosting package. There are many hosting companies out there each with its pros and cons and after signing up, you will get blog applications installed for free.

There are many benefits of using readymade blog software, like WordPress, as you will save time, money, and get built-in functionalities to help you post articles. Choose a host with Fantastico, which comes with a one-click install of WordPress and other software.

With WordPress, it will be easy to optimize your blog when you are using an established host. Such installations make your blogging experience a delight irrespective of your IT skills. Always pick an established host to ensure you join a large community where there will be a flow of free information and adequate technical support when needed.

Pick a Theme
Your visitors will get a first impression of your blog by how it looks and as such when you create a blogging site always look out for themes which reflect your business.
There are many free themes offered by WordPress but if you want something unique, it is best to invest and buy your own themes. When you change your blog theme, the content is not usually affected, but may require minor tweaks to make it look good.

Add Content
This is the most fundamental aspects when you create a blogging site. Content defines what your blog is all about and valuable, timeless and original content is the best kind.

This is the only way of guaranteeing repeat visitors and optimizing your blog for search engines. When creating content, make sure you research your topic well and give candid opinions on your specific niche as this will create trust between you and your blog readers. In particular, make sure that your About and Contact pages are comprehensive enough to give the visitor a true feel of the person behind the blog.

Build Traffic
The last critical part as you create a blogging site is building traffic. You can start doing this by submitting it to blog carnivals, back linking, integrating social media networks, and also involving yourself in blog commenting and reviews.

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