Essential Aspects Of Analog Devices ECCN

Here is an example of analogy and great analogies explained so you can use them as tools in your writing. There is nothing like an example of analogy to help you in your songwriting.An analogy is a comparison between two different things so you can point out something about how they are similar. The comparison often is done point by point.It often is done to explain something not well known by describing something that is known so you can generalize the information from what you already understand to the new thing.Its a way to provide insight by suggesting existing similarities suggest that there are even more points that are similar.For more detailsĀ analog devices eccn.

Using analogies helps the reader to see the logic in your example, perhaps create a visual awareness of what you are talking about and helps them verbalize and understand your suggestion. It transfers information from one particular subject to another.It does this by inferring the similarity. It does not prove the similarity such as making deductions. What you generally demonstrate is how “a” and “b” is similar somehow to the relationship between “c” and “d”.
Here are some more specific example of analogy:

1. glove is to hand as monitor is to computer
2. surfs are to a king as earth is to the sun
3. furs were to North American aboriginals as credit is to a shopper

Notice how there are similarities in the terms used first and the ones that they are compared to. A glove has a similar relation to a hand just as a monitor has to a computer.Surfs, by similar logic, are similar to the earth, and furs served a similar function in north american aboriginals cultures as credit provides in our shopping world of today.Analogies show similarities in relationships that you might not first realize but they can be taken too far. At some point if you continue the comparison in too great of detail your comparison breaks down.

You are pointing out similarities, not proving they are exactly the same. They are only suggestions, they do not prove anything but just point out similarities that you might not have noticed.Analogies are different than metaphors. Analogies set up examples of similar relationships between two things but don’t show total likeness. A metaphor does. It tries to turns one thing into another.In your writing you have to decide how far do you want to go with your example of analogy. Do you just want to show a comparison or do you want to turn one thing into another?Both have their place. But you must think of the impact on your listeners or readers, use an example of analogy to see what best fits your needs.Analogies let one object you’re comparing have some baggage that doesn’t automatically get forced on to the other. A simile also allows you this leeway as you are only saying one thing is “like” another.But use a metaphor and your second object has to wear all good and the bad baggage in the comparison. Think of the impact when you choose which to use. Hopefully this example of analogy will assist you.